Month of the Dragon – 2011

It’s the Month of the Dragon!

The Month of the Dragon is a moveable feast which celebrates our spiky-wiky friends in all their global diversity.
This year, in conjunction with the recent publication of my book The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, WAFDE has chosen October as the Month of the Dragon.

As you can see from our Calendar, events and festive reports as well as informative contests and blogs – both personal and guest – will be posted here throughout the month.

Share your thoughts on, experiences with, joys in the presence of Dragons. And at the end of the month one lucky person will win a signed copy of my book.

Come one and all. Let’s kick up our heels, take to the skies, and celebrate the wonder of Dragons!

If you missed any of the MotD blogs you can find them linked here.

5 thoughts on “Month of the Dragon – 2011”

  1. The Dragon Master said:

    Shawn, dear …

    Happy ‘Month of The Dragon” !

    How beautifully written is your accounting of the lovely ‘Green’. And he’s a handsome one too ! I also happen to like them, since they are honest, reliable …steadfast. I have found most species to be extremely intelligent, and generally ‘psyhic’ in their communitcations.

    I will be posting something from my journals for you .. but my first encounter was in the 1980’s, up in the remote Canyonlands of New Mexico, USA (sometimes known as ‘The Badlands’) during a weekend retreat for my overworked soul.

    Checking the calendar ..sharing … of course ! Thank you for this post.

    Yours In Fire & In Flight,
    ~ The Dragon Master ~
    The Dragon Society {Est. 1984}

    • Yes, my experience with Greens proves them to be all those things, especially honest. No pulling punches with them.
      The NM Badlands, eh? A desert Dragon? or one from the high plateaus? Love to hear more. Nothing like a Dragon to sooth a weary spirit.

      Thank you for jumping in–and for your kind words.


  2. The Dragon Master said:

    Just checking in… working on my blog for you, and confirming your requested word count. When you e-mailed me, you indicated 200 words, but somewhere ( I’ve lost it ..) I thought you had announced 2000 words .
    Kindly confirm. I may submit a story in context, and allow you to break it up as you wish, if this could also work…
    Hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m thouroughly enjoying this month, and your writings.

    Yours In Fire & In Flight,
    ~ T D M ~

    • We’re flexible here, TDM. 200 is fine, but if your story is longer we can always break it up–run it over a few days. Either way is fine with me.
      Have a wonderfully draconic week!

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