Month of the Dragon – October, 2012

October’s almost here, a time when the cool winds and autumn hues inform our world – at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, that is. It is also time for the World Association for Dragons Everywhere’s 2nd annual Month of the Dragon blogfest.

Below you will find our calendar of events. You’ll notice there are some empty days. All suggestions from the Dragon community are welcome and updates will be posted.

Hope you will return in October and join us in the draconic festivities! A good time- and prizes (but more on that later) are guaranteed.

Oct. 1: Welcome

Oct. 1: WAFDE – A Genesis

Oct. 2: Dragons, the Mystery and Meaning by David St. Albans

Oct. 4: Kiss a Dragon Day

Oct. 6: Dragons, the Mystery and Meaning – Part II by David St. Albans

Oct. 7: Never Enough Jabberwocks!

Oct. 9: Draconic Horn Blowing

Oct. 10: Fire and Rain

Oct. 11: North into the New World: Frost Dragons

Oct. 12: World Egg Day: Some Words from the Dragon Master

Oct. 13: Skeptics Day: Do You Believe in Dragons?

Oct. 15: Baubles, Dragons, and the Dark of the Moon and

Dragon Awakening Within

Oct. 16/17: Gaudy Bauble Day: Are You Going to St. Audrey’s Fair?

Oct. 18: Dancing Dragon Day

Oct. 19: Take Your Dragon to Work Day: Nine to Five with Dragons

Oct. 21: Tell a Dragon Tale Week begins: And Now for Something Completely Different

Oct. 22: Dragon Books – Part I and

Dragons, the Mystery and Meaning – Part III by David St. Albans

Oct. 23: Dragon Books – Part II and

Dragons of the Double Ninth

Oct. 24: Dragon Books – Part III and

U.N. Day and the Sanity of Dragons

Oct. 25: Dragon Books – Part IV

Oct. 26: Fire Festival: Dragonfire Across the Skies and

A short Dragon tale by Shawn MacKENZIE: The Balance of Dragons

Oct. 27: Chipping In Day: Lending a Paw and

A Tale from the East: My Lord Bag of Rice

Oct. 28: And the Winner Is….

Oct. 29: Reflections in the Golden Eye: Dragon Claw by Adriana Dragonwitch

National Cat Day

Oct. 30: Mischief Night…Angel Night…Dragon Night

Oct. 31: Samhain: The Thinning of the Veil, The Return of the Dragons

What Are Dragons?

Nov. 1: All Hallows Winners…

2 thoughts on “Month of the Dragon – October, 2012”

  1. I cannot wait for October! 😀

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