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Safe in the mouth of her cave, a dragon, sans souci, takes in the ocean below. In nook, cranny, and the embrace of velvet paw and spiky tail, a modest plenitude of cups surrounds her. Contentment rolls off her cool blue scales like fog off the briny surf. A full belly, a secure place for one’s treasures, and a weyr with a view. They may seem mere creature comforts to some, but what more does any dragon need?

For the moment, you inhabit the best of all possible worlds. Creature comforts are more than comfortable. Wishes come true and life’s small pleasures abound. You have health and, if not great wealth, more than enough for your needs. Enjoying a wash of confidence and self-esteem, you feel fulfilled and appreciated. You’re perhaps even tempted to bask in the warmth of self-indulgence. That’s ok. Just remember: like sorrows, blessings, too, are transitory. Take a good look round. Treasure this time, acknowledging with thanks all that has come your way. And when the tide turns—as it surely will—know that, even if you can’t see it, you have such a lot to be grateful for.

Be satisfied, not greedy. The fruits of success are so much sweeter when shared.

[text from Tarot of Dragons companion book, Wisdom from the Dragon Realms]

Tarot of Dragons. Shawn MacKenzie/Firat Solhan. Llewellyn Worldwide