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Tarot of Dragons New Year’s draw.


How fitting.


Beneath the torrid skies of late summer, a dragon’s egg opens, presenting its hidden treasure—a single wand—to the world. It is Hatching Day, a time of beginnings and untapped potential, when every newborn deserves a boon. In the shadow of three volcanoes, wild pyramids of wisdom and spiritual power, the cosmic Fire Dragon unfurls his wings and blesses the hatchling with an incandescent puff of dragonbreath. The gift of fire.

There is a spark of energy. Creativity crackles. The thrill of a new enterprise is in the air. Ambition is no longer a dirty word but an inventive force. Projects long forgotten take on new life. Dormant passions awaken. All things seem possible.

[text from Tarot of Dragons companion book, Wisdom from the Dragon Realms]