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Six years ago – can’t believe it’s been that long! – Gatsby the Great came into our lives

Gatsby: 3/27/12

and blessed us with three marvelous, magical, mystical children, Parker, Poe, and Carter-Lion.

Sadly, we lost Gatsby the next year, but her kids are still with us. They have grown into amazing beings: Poe wide-eyed and a little wild, in a constant state of surprise; Parker burly but a bit insecure which can make him scrappy (I think he might have taken his mom’s death the hardest of the three); and Carter who is a wonder – an extraordinarily Zen cat if ever there was one, a profound thinker.

Now every Earth Day is doubly joyous as we hug them close in grateful birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday to Poe, Parker, and Carter-Lion! May you have many, many more.

What a time it has been!