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Good morning!

Hope everyone got a good night’s rest because today is sure to be wild and woolly. It’s Take-A-Dragon-To-Work Day!

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Surprisingly, there are many people out in the world who still think of Dragons as fiercely uncivilized forces more interested in burning bridges than building them. More to be feared than adored. Foolish humans.

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Dragons – Clint Cearley

Of course, in the West, much of this has to do with centuries of disastrous draconic PR. With knights and saints rewarded for putting Dragons in their trophy rooms instead of council rooms.

On TADTWD, dracophiles around the world have a chance change all that.

Today, with Dragons all washed, brushed, and dusted – and permission from the powers that be, of course – head into work and put your best paws forward.

Begin with proper introductions. It’s the civil thing to do and, as Lewis Carroll said, “It isn’t etiquette to cut any one you’ve been introduced to.” also, remember that for some this may be their first up-close-and-personal encounter with a Dragon. Simple socail graces can go a long way towards allaying any fears your co-workers might have about the situation.

Dragon Meeting – S.

Take into account the size of your Dragon. You don’t want inadvertant devastation from whippy tails or careless wings. If your Dragon is too large to maneuver the halls of industry, a lunchtime get-together in the parking lot or nearby park is always a viable alternative. And, if you happen to work with kids, this provides a great opportunity for Dragon rides, scaley play, and draconic story time. Fear and loathing spring from ignorance; the more our children interact with Dragons, the more they will understand, respect, and love them.

Dragon Rider’s Child

Have fun, be safe, and move the shared future of our species back from the brink.