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The Dragons here at the Nest have decided it’s time to jump into the 21st century – at long last – and include among this week’s tales those told in images as well as words.

So, from the delightfully ridiculous to the draconically sublime, I present a handful of Dragon-centric stories. We start by traveling back to whimsical days in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota when Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose entertained us with Fractured Fairy Tales. And thanks to the wonders of Youtube, we don’t even have to bother Mr. Peabody for the use of his Wayback (aka WABAC) Machine.

The Thirteen Helmets: 


From the other side of the world – and the creativity of T Arts Detroit – there is the ancient myth of the Four Dragons and the Jade Emperor.


In “Reversal of Heart,” we exchange ancient sensibilities for modern ones. Carolyn Chrisman has created a touching tale of karma and being not always as one seems.

And, finally, a favorite of mine that goes right to the heart of Dragons, people, and what it means to be wild: Sintel – Girl With Dragon Story.


I hope you enjoy them all.

Tomorrow, a special treat: Guest Dragon tale-spinner, Cathy Sosnowski shares a taste of her book, Dragon Fire.