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It’s the third weekend in October. Here in New England, the leaves are piling high and begging to be raked.

Yesterday, our Dragons got to tag along as we went through our work-a-day routines. This weekend it is time for them to not only observe but lend a paw, too.

Of all our companion beings – including even some of our bipedal significant others – Dragons are aware of the expense their care accrues. When it comes to our bank accounts, they are high maintenance, for sure.


And they are keenly aware of the need to chip in and earn their keep.

This weekend, we celebrate that cooperative spirit as Dragons and their pople come together to mulch leaves, clean gutters, and put on the storms. (Dragons are especially helpful with those tricky upstairs windows.)20e283716a5d44010c3bc61c99084366

But those who work hard must also play hard. When all the chores are done, weather permitting,be sure to enjoy games and a proper feast.Β 3011142247581


Have a grand weekend, one and all.dragon_dance__sfm__by_argodaemon-d7fhhec