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Today is Take Your Dragon to Work Day! And I hope everyone is out and about with their Dragons, spreading good Dragon will throughout our everyday worlds.

Large097 or small,comic storethere is nothing like an infusion of draconinc energy around the office. They are inspirational, fun, and very good at reheating that cold cup of coffee languishing on your desk.coffeedragon

One minor caveat: not everyone out there is Dragon savvy.dragon-talk

And, honestly, not all Dragons are work savvy. 37624108So be mindful of situational etiquette. If you work in a china shop, be sure tails are calm and wings at ease. Teachers, if your Dragon is up for giving rides during recess, be sure your students have permission slips signed and on file. (I’ve found most parents are delighted to have their kids interact with Dragons, and Dragons love kids.)Β playground

But enough said.

Everyone, go out. Have a marvelous day.

I’m off to work….computer