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The leaves are falling, brittle flashes of red, gold, and orange dry beneath our feet. When better to mark Fire Prevention Week! But for Dragonkeepers the world over, the next few days can present myriad teaching moments, especially for youngsters just coming into their flame-hurling own.

Fire-breathing is one of the more exhilarating traits of Dragons. Well, Western Dragons. (Personally, I think it taps into latent pyromaniacal tendencies many of us humans have.) fire

It goes without saying that you should be sure 1) there are new batteries in your smoke detectors, 2) the fire extinguishers are topped up, and 3) your fire-insurance premiums are paid in full.

Rhymes With Orange. 10.9.16 Hilary B. Price

Rhymes With Orange. 10.9.16
Hilary B. Price

In a time of extreme climate change and weather uncertainties, Dragonkeepers must take extra care with their charges. Get daily updates on the drought conditions in your part of the world. Here in the U.S., you can check with the U.S. Drought Monitor. Also note the winds – even in a less-than-tinderbox environment, a gust-tossed spark can prove disastrous, especially this time of year.roof

Of course, we can’t keep good fire-breathers down, no matter how the wind blows. But we can teach them well. No fire near homes, fields, or forests. Direct your Dragons to beaches and quarries – places with plenty of water and little ready fuel.


Fire Dragon

With care and delight, enjoy the pyrotechnic joy of Dragonfire!