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I love October 6th – aka Jabberwocky Appreciation Day.[1] It is that special time when we revel in the extraordinary diversity of Dragon-kind. Not just your standard True Dragons – Western six-limbed, sinuous Eastern, and delicate, lustrous Feathered – but all of their distant first and second cousins, from amphiptere to žaltys. These are the pseudo dragons of the world and they are marvels of heterogeneity.

Some are as big as mountains, some as small as faerie dreams.


Leviathan – Rommel Pascual

Some are generous and kind, others should be kept at a distance for everyone’s safety. babe

Legless and wingless, tree-skimmers, diggers, and deep-sea gill-breathers…. The multiplicity of pseudo dragons past and present, fact and fiction, are the original crypto-zoological ‘big tent.’ They are fun and fearful and constant reminders of the need and wonder of diversity.

It is the spirit of this diversity which makes How to Train Your Dragon in all its manifestations, such a hit around the Nest. Sure, Toothless and Hiccup are heroes for the ages, but the range and variety of dragons, each distinct in character and temperament are a paean to all of Dragon-kind. Not to mention, Nico Marlet’s animation is a delight.9a5d1-how-to-train-your-dragon-2-wallpapers-29-2

So today, take a moment to appreciate some of our lesser-known pseudo dragons. Whip up an omelette for your house dragon and tickle your neighborhood ouroboros between the scales (they love that!). Embrace dragons in all their diversity and remember that, in times of species distress, inclusivity is not a luxury, it’s a must. We are all stronger together.


A Diversity of Nico Marlet’s Dragons.



[1] Certain Wonderland aficionados will also recognize 10/6 as Mad Hatter Day for obvious reasons. Of course, the last time one could get a topper for less than a guinea was when cats grinned in trees and mock turtles sang.