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Month of the Dragon, 2016. A Celebration in Black and White.

It’s October again. A slight nip has crept into the evening air, just right – at my house – for sleeping beneath a blanket of furry felines. As those of you who frequent the Dragon’s Nest know, October is also when the World Association for Dragons Everywhere celebrates the Month of the Dragon. This year, the 6th annual Month of the Dragon, to be precise.



This year has been one of great turmoil and little time, so I fear MotD may be a little less fulsome than in years past. Pared down does not mean inelegant. The Dragons would hardly permit that! But this year, they have nosed us along a subtle path, suggesting we go all dichromatic, presenting our friends in shades of black and white.


As a fan of Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Diane Arbus, and other giants of B&W photography, I thought this was a grandly, elegant idea. 6783508014c795f210a8c9cb345f7a70

Yup, we’re going old-school formal.

So, straighten those white ties, brush off your tails, and come join us in our month-long celebration of Dragons, large and small, fierce and fiery. (And fear not, I have it on good authority that a little color will slip through. Here and there, hither and yon.)


Happy Month of the Dragon!