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Halloween Dragons – Sixth Leaf Clover

Happy Samhain one and all!

The harvest is over and now the world tips into its darker half. It is also the Night of the Dead – when the barrier between this world and the Otherworld thins and can be crossed. Ghosts, goblins, elves, et al, walk abroad, welcomed by some, feared by others.

And then there are Dragons. sorcerer_magician_ghost_dragon_58209_2560x1600For Dragons, Samhain is a time to celebrate their return to the world of humans after centuries of self-imposed exile among the Fae.

Firefly hunting in silent dragon woods – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Dragons, of course, do nothing by halves. When they came back to us, they did it with a snort and a roar and a lively dance round Samhain baelfires. That we were having our own seasonal fun proves a bonus for all.wizards_on_halloween_dragon_lovely_weird_hd-wallpaper-1861292

Of course, tonight has its somber elements, too. It is a time to feel the presence of those no longer with us, to honor their lives and their absence. Having lost so many of their kind during the Dark Times, Dragons are particularly cognizant of this. Dragon_of_spirits_by_Ruth_Tay

You should hardly be surprised if you cross paths this evening with an enchantment of ghostly Lombard Leatherwings or skeletal Kiev Shinglebacks.1143934-bigthumbnail

If you are so blessed, do not scream or run about. Simply bow every so politely and continue on your way.phoca_thumb_l_dragon_149

One word of caution: If any Dragonlets are among your trick-or-treaters, do be careful not to give them too much sugar. As with children, it has a tendency to make them bounce off walls and that can create obvious problems. c92c419374f3a988ccf1689b913670e8

One treat we’ve found to be a huge hit around the Nest is Chocolate Habanero peppers dipped in a glaze of pumpkin and Mexican chocolate. The mix of heat and just a little sweet is enjoyed by Dragons of all ages and keeps sugar-rush mayhem to a minimum.HalloweenDragon

Wishing one and all a wondrous Samhain. And to everyone at WAFDE and dracophiles the world over, our fiercest thanks for making this Fifth Month of the Dragon so memorable. May the Great Dragon smile upon you all.e7b474c6672ee3cef84af071c14bc469