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Counting down..Samhain is a day away. Pumpkins ready to be carved? Here at the Nest we’ve just come through a much-needed Hermit Day, a time to hunker down for 24 hours and recoup some energy. After all, we are in for 2 days of utter wildness. Energy is essential.divinit2saga21-e1354364044448

Starting today. Tonight is Mischief Night. A time for Dragons young and old, big and small, to cut loose. Stomp out a few crop circles – Dragons love crop circles –cropcircles8

hot-foot the occasional scarecrow-scarecrow

even raid the kitchen for a little indoor rascality –51c16ee4d51e63fd14d4cf05176beae4

In short, a night for good, clean, draconic fun. playful_dragons__worried_toad_by_petalomam-d3j9ane

On the downside, Mischief Night does hold the potential for generating bad Dragon PR. Since anti-Dragon forces are always ready to pounce on the slightest infraction against mannered behavior – forgetting, in the process, that Dragons are WILD! – we want to provide no new slings and arrows to their arsenal. Not a one! To this end, be sure your Dragons understand this is a night for good-natured impishness, not wanton vandalism. How-To-Train-Your-Dragon-2-Wallpapers-19

For, even on Mischief Night, civility counts.

Be safe. Have fun.Fire2-300x200