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Month of the Dragon is zooming by so fast this year. In the blink of a golden draconic eye, we’ve gone from Indian Summer and its attendant leaf peekers, to killing frost riming the pumpkin patches. And Samhain is just around the corner!

It is now the penultimate week of our festivities – a time particularly near and dear to this dracophile’s heart: Tell-A-Dragon-Tale Week!cacf706b998a42700e58084c6e14a774

Dragons, as many of you know, love stories. They love sitting round the weyr, swapping tales of the great Dragons of yore: wise Laden, gentle Fire Dragon, Alkha nibbling on the moon, and snowy Asdeev falling under Rustam’s blade. Horror stories of Dark Times past and forgiving epics of future hope.Rostam-the-hero

This week we celebrate them all, from dusty old tomes too oft forgotten, to new fables hot off our keyboards. There will be recommendations and even a few surprises. And, as an author of Dragon books and stories, this is one of those times when I don’t feel too immodest about blowing my own horn.

Any other writers out there who wish to announce/promote their Dragon books, please feel free to link up here or on WAFDE’s Facebook page. As we say around the weyr, the more Dragon stories, the better.


Dragon – David Thierree

But today start by going to your bookshelves. Pull down your favorite Dragon tale and curl up with your Dragon for a right ripping two-pipe yarn.

Happy storytelling!