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Here in the United States, the second week in October is traditionally Fire Prevention Week.

For Dragons and their people this resonates above and beyond the ordinary check-your-smoke-detector way, especially in drought-plagued regions like California.

First, be sure your fire insurance is up to date and paid in full. No matter how well trained or careful the Dragon, accidents can still happen. A wayward gust of wind, a spark among the crisp autumn leaf litter, and whoosh! If you are working with youngsters just getting their fire-breathing skills under control, work with them in a fire-proof location – old quarry, gravel pit, stretch of desert – where you can keep collateral damage to a minimum. Have access to water, just in case.blender3ddragonfight03gg4

Then teach your young ones the ABCs of Dragonfire:

a) Never near the house.2542257-1321482046

b) Never near the woods.

c) Always control the burn.the-fire-breathing-dragon-17473

d) If you live in Calaveras or other tinder-box region and your Dragon insists on letting off a lick of flame or three, take them go out over the ocean where the potential for disaster is limited.


Sun Dragon – Rob Carlos

Remember, fire, like Dragons, is mystical and extreme. It can be both destructive and creative. In the end, such simple rules make for safer, more harmonious relations between Dragons and humans.