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Lewis Carroll aficionados – and who isn’t? – know October 6 as Mad Hatter Day. A bit literal, but, why not?De_Alice's_Abenteuer_im_Wunderland_Carroll_pic_38

Nothing against the Mad Hatter – a righteous dude in so many ways – but it is the Month of the Dragon, so, at the Dragon’s Nest, today is Jabberwocky Appreciation Day!jabberwocky

Jabberwocky Appreciation Day is a time set aside to celebrate the myriad lesser, or pseudo dragons around the world. Tree skimmers and diggers, water dragons and house dragons, large and small, strange and beautiful, this is their day.

While many of lesser species are specific to narrow geographical nooks and crannies, today I want to talk briefly about a dragon that appears quite literally around the world: the ouroboros.1482125-ouroboros

Mythically, from India to the Sahara, from Egypt to Scandinavia, Gnostics to Jungians, with tail between his teeth, the ouroboros has made order out of chaos, held the world together and even helped tear it apart.

Ouroboros - Zarathus

Ouroboros – Zarathus

Vritra, Aido Hwedo, Minia, Miðgarðsormr, cosmic ouroboros all.ouroboros_engulfing_the_tree_of_life__commission__by_ayatonyaa-d6pmehs

In recent millennia, the ouroboros have taken on more symbolic roles. Plato saw them as representative of the universe as an eternal, cyclical entity. Alchemists took them as their emblem of immortality, slayer and life-giver all in one.9e94a317b804074033e697744329cc7d They’re also seen as hermaphroditic – both fertilizer and egg-layer in one. Today, they are most often seen as the symbol of eternity, the cycle of life, reminding us that what goes around definitely comes around. And mght just bite us in the ass.

Ouroboros - E. Simmons

Ouroboros – E. Simmons

Sadly, sightings of full-grown ouroboros are few and far between these days. Some cryptoherpetologists believe the armadillo lizard of southern Africa is their modern descendant, but, marvelous as these creatures are, there is little evidence they carry any draconic DNA.thumb_Armadillo-Lizard2

Quelle dommage.