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O for the glories of autumn, the air laden with change and hidden wonders!

coverdkhFive years ago, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, was about to be published. Quite an occasion, to be sure, but how to celebrate it?

I sat down with my draconic friends at WAFDE (the World Association for Dragons Everywhere) and here at the Dragon’s Nest. As one can imagine, that many dragons and their people together leads to quite a confabulation.  By day’s end we decided it was the perfect time for Month of the Dragon to go public. “After all,” Boon the great Green pointed out, “there is so much knowledge to share, not to mention fun to be had, it seems very miserly to keep it all to ourselves.”

Dragons are always right about such things.

As I said, that was five years ago. Since then, our WAFDE membership and our MotD festivities have grown beyond my wildest imaginings. While we still post almost everything here at the Dragon’s Nest, as of year 3, we began also using the WAFDE page on Facebook. Now over 500 members strong, we’re able to reach an ever widening circle of dracophiles, not to mention eliciting participation on all fronts.

So where do we go from here? It’s anyone’s guess. The calendar has some fixed celebrations, like Kiss a Dragon Day and Jabberwocky Appreciation Day.MotD 2015 Calendar

And then there are those which are more moveable feasts, not to mention any and all welcome additions from our WAFDE members. In short, anything can and will happen here in the realm of the Dragons.

Amid falling leaves and oranging pumpkins, we welcome the enthusiasm of old members and new. Month of the Dragon promises the sharing of draconic joy, pictures, stories, and wisdom. On Dragon wings, the sky’s the limit.e33210faf3bfce5facbde99e3084ecf6


(Note: While WAFDE on Facebook is MotD central, we also spill over here at the Dragon’s Nest. The blog format allows for more extensive ramblings and photo arrays, so I hope you’ll drop by and check us out, too.)