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Catching up… For those of you who have missed it.
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the secret keeper

Written by Shawn MacKenzie

You Gotta Have Style

“Fashion fades, but style endures.” …Coco Chanel

Scribe smallNow, I assume that everyone has done their homework and brushed up on their grammar, punctuation, and all the other pesky elements of our craft.

Which brings me to the second part of William Strunk’s treatise: style.

What is literary style and how does it play into a writer/editor’s labors? Can we even discuss style or is it like Potter Stewart’s obscenity, we simply know it when we see it? Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Curiously, over this past week my thoughts veered away from the world of letters and into – for me – the unfamiliar world of haute couture, specifically the wit and wisdom of Ms. Coco Chanel. One does not usually put Strunk and Chanel in the same breath, and yet, when it comes to style, they actually have a great…

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