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St Audrey Fairs are winding down. Morris dancers are hanging up their bells and venders, eager to unload their wares rather than cart them home, are slashing their already reasonable prices. When better to find that little something – bright, tacky, and absolutely unnecessary – for your Dragon?800x615_7345_Treasure_Hoarding_Dragon_2d_fantasy_dragon_portrait_picture_image_digital_art

It’s Gaudy Bauble Day – a time to revel in the cheap and garish! To remember that nothing pleases a Dragon more than a brand new sparklie.a-pile-of-jewels-both-real-stacy-gold

It needn’t be gold or encrusted with gems, just chosen with care and given with love. And if your neighborhood does not celebrate St Audrey’s tawdry, try an afternoon at the flea market. Treasures abide all around us. We have only to go looking for them.

Happy hunting!