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From whisker to tail spade, Dragons understand the essential joy of dance. They embrace the rhythm of Earth and season, the ebb and flow of life, tapping talons and flapping wings in exuberant glee.

Weyrs in autumn are particularly suited to terpsichorean fun. Late August to the Autumnal Equinox is the time for courtship and mating. Bonds are made and celebrated in anticipation of hatchlings to come. By October, paired Dragons are settling in. They spend their time hunting (mom is eating for between 2 and 7), building nests, and lighting up the night sky with expectant fandangos.

Dancing Dragons - Linda Cole

Dancing Dragons – Linda Cole

With wonder and abandon, they are the truth at the heart of Rumi’s words:

When Lovers of Life get ready to Dance,
the Earth shakes and the Sky trembles.

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