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It is a busy week here at WAFDE. Fire Safety Drills are a daily activity, Frost Dragons have been coming in from across the globe to confab about the alarming rate of polar meltage, and, with one day to go in the Falcor Fest, the Luck Dragons are feeling just a little under-mentioned (something which will be rectified tomorrow – sorry, Falcor!).


For today, we are putting the shell before the scale. It’s World Egg Day. Time to think about nest and incubation and the glorious fiery miracle of coming shell crackling!


It is also a time to give a huge shout out to those fortunate Dragonkeepers who have had the rare fortune to find eggs in the wild and nurture them to hatching. There is always a degree of sadness involved in such instances – an abandoned clutch means a lost Queen which is a tragedy of draconic proportions. So for those tender nest surrogates out there, applause, applause, and keep up the noble work!


For all of us it’s time to honor the Egg, the Cosmic Dragon Egg – Cradle of Life, Primal Feast, and First Shelter. Keep them close and warm and when they hatch, hug their occupants close! They are the new generation – the keepers of the draconic flame!

Day 2 Bearded Dragon



**In the tradition of Month of the Dragon, everyone who leaves a comment here at Dragon’s Nest has their name go into a hat. At the end of the month, a name will be drawn and the winner will receive a signed copies of my books, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook and Dragons for Beginners (both from Llewellyn Worldwide). Hope everyone is feeling lucky!