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Rotisseried knights turned to a golden brown and draconic celluloid replete with pyrotechnic thrills are staples of the popular imagination. True, not all Dragons keep a lit wick in their arsenal, but let’s face it: that is a matter of fact not fancy. For all intents and purposes, Dragons go with fire like bangers with mash.




Thus, the second week in October is a very important time for Dragons and their people around the world. It is Fire Prevention Week. The leaves are piling high and dry, the winds dancing through denuded branches. It is time to take your hatchlings and juveniles in hand and make sure they know the rules of smoke and spark; and refresher courses for older Dragons never go amiss.



In areas of extreme drought – multiplying all around us despite what climate-change deniers might say – strict adherence to safety standards is a must. The emergency crews of California and the southern plains have enough on their hands without having to worry about a frisky dragonlet who’s forgotten the basics. Not to mention it does Dragon standing no good if they’re blamed for turning Sequoias to cinders. So, no fire near the house. No fire near the fields. No fire near woods or leaf-piles. In short, fire only over water on windless days.


And be sure to have your insurance premiums current, just in case.

**In the tradition of Month of the Dragon, everyone who leaves a comment here at Dragon’s Nest has their name go into a hat. At the end of the month, a name will be drawn and the winner will receive a signed copies of my books, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook and Dragons for Beginners (both from Llewellyn Worldwide). Hope everyone is feeling lucky!