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Better yet, celebrate them! Each and every one, in all their diversity!


Every October 6th, we here at WAFDE give our True Dragon friends the day off and lavish our attentions on the scores of their lesser kindred: the strange and unusual pseudo dragons of the world. For today is Jabberwocky Appreciation Day.

Dragon head - Neboveria

Dragon head – Neboveria

Large and small, benevolent and notoriously bad-tempered, these are the extras and cameo players in the draconic universe. They strut and fret across the planetary stage, taking their bows in local tales and ancient legends.



They skirt the treetops and dive beneath crystal lakes. They curl up by the hearth and reclaim abandoned mines their ancestors dug centuries past. Gowrows, ropen, the copperbacks of Chile, the tyr druics of Cornwall’s Bodmin Moor and smij of Eastern Europe, their lives are woven into the fabric of Dragon lore.


They are among the most adaptable of dragonkind, carving out niches in city and country, verdant jungle and snow-capped mountains. And today is their day!


Tree Dragon - Hagge

Tree Dragon – Hagge





So, pocket your cell phones and open your eyes! Look up to the rooftops and down in the leaf litter. See what little pearlers share your neighborhood. Go out, with Vorpal blade sheathed and camera at the ready, and have fun gyring and gymbling in the wabe, cheering the multiplicity of dragons – of Jabberwocks – around us.


Note: When in the field, safety first. Always use a cautious abundance of common sense. Pseudo dragons are not as cultured as their True cousins and, if startled or threatened, are apt to be nippy. All are equipped with tooth and talon & some also sport venom for which crypto-toxicologists are just beginning to develop antidotes.