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dragon rock in woods

Four years ago, on a brisk, clear morning when the frost hovered round the pumpkin patch, the Dragons and humans of WAFDE called a meeting. It was time for a party, they insisted. Everything from Oatmeal to Making Hats had a festive block carved from the calendar, why not Dragons? And of course, being Dragons, one day would not be enough, they needed a whole month! At least.

Thus, with a spark of inspiration and a lash of Dragonfire, October became WAFDE’s official Month of the Dragon.

Today starts our fourth annual celebration. Who would have guessed we’d come so far?! And we’re delighted to welcome the enthusiasm of old members and new. There will be fun, games, sharing of pictures, stories, and Draconic wisdom.  Our official calendar of events is but a starting place. The sky’s the limit. It is your festival, make it as glorious as you wish Anything and everything Dragon is possible this month! (Note: While WAFDE on Facebook is MotD central, we also spill over here at the Dragon’s Nest. The blog format allows for more extensive ramblings and photo arrays, so I hope you’ll drop by and check us out, too.)


Happy MONTH of the DRAGON!