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Now and then, especially in the summer or when my days are so pocked with interruptions that it is near impossible to find a decent block of writing time, I switch from the verbal to the visual. I pick up pen and ink or pastels, and frolic in a different sandbox for a while. It shakes up the mind, clears the cobwebs, and is a great time to work on the year’s Yule card.

This year, I find myself playing in the digital realm, toying with faux oils and watercolors, textures and hues I could never afford if they were not on my computer. How liberating to be able to wipe out this clumsy stroke or that mud-colored blotch (it seemed so good in my head!) with the touch of a key!

At the end of the day, I worry it feels a bit like cheating, but ’tis fun, nonetheless.

It is in the spirit of fun that I offer up a few of my most recent endeavors. Enjoy. All comments welcome, though I hope you will be kind.






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