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Every so often, especially in the spring, the spirit is moved to rattle the old cages, break out, and shake things up. Which is just what I have finished doing here and, more specifically, over at the Dragon’s Nest website .

We’re now all spruced up, lean and clean, with fiction, fun, and an ever-expanding gallery of the rare and fantastical. Dragons are represented in abundance, of course, but you will also find manticores, gryphs, kelpies, and proper unicorns, to name but a few.

If you are looking for an editor or
A treasure trove of prose and images,
If you wish to join WAFDE or get a
Certificate of Adoption for your Dragon,
Then come to the Dragon’s Nest.

If you cavort with the Rare and Unusual,
If you find more truth in Myth than in History,
If you are thrilled each morning by a Sense of Wonder
Too large for the mundane world to hold,
Then come to the Dragon’s Nest.

Here all things are possible and all beings
~no matter how fantastic~
are welcome.

Confabulation of Dragons – Scott Gustafson