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Mischief Night – Dragon Night

Exactly a year ago, Mischief Night was all but cancelled up and down the east coast of North America due to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Dragons eager to let off a little pre-Halloween steam were, instead, enlisted to help with rescue and clean-up. Indeed, October 30, 2012 was simply the beginning of an extended period of draconic chipping in.


This year, hopes on this side of the Atlantic are for more hijinks and less hard work – though there is labor aplenty for our friends over in Europe.


Depending on local custom, the day before Samhain is set aside for tricks, not treats. Devil’s Night, Cabbage Night, Mischief Night – in centuries past it was a time for late night garden raids and scarecrows ablaze with Dragonfire. When humans got in on the fun there were eggs dripping off windows, frost-spoiled cabbages smashed hither and yon, and firecrackers blowing mailboxes off their posts. In all, it is a night of messy but harmless shenanigans. What Dragon wouldn’t want to join in?


Of course, ‘tis far easier to destroy than to build and you don’t want to undo all the excellent PR Chipping-In Day occasioned. If your Dragons are up for mischief, remind them that we’re talking minor pranks not major vandalism. That means being careful with the fire and no buzzing the neighbors’ sheep or spooking their dogs. (It’s unkind to play on a flock’s fears of predation, and dogs are so naturally silly that it is hardly sporting. Better to leave the canine comedy to the felines of your acquaintance.)

Buzzing the Flock -Allan Guy

Buzzing the Flock -Allan Guy

That said, I am never one for denying a Dragon their October fun.

Dragon Mischief