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Fire Festival and U.N. Day

For in the final analysis, our most basic common link,
is that we all inhabit this small planet,
we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children’s futures,
and we are all mortal.
….John F. Kennedy


Here in the northern hemisphere, as the nights get longer and colder and frost rimes the pumpkins, we look to Dragonfire to warm our nights and light our path to the Solstice. This is the time for the Fire Festival, two days when we commemorate one of the quintessentially draconic qualities, breathing fire (except down under where there are fires enough and any Aussie Dragons are likely helping as best they can).

The Fire Festival began long ago (3rd century) on the chilly plateaus of Tibet and Northern India. There the weyrs of the Himalayan Quad celebrated nesting season with flame and flight and sonorous Dragonsong. They roared against the lengthening nights and paid homage to the the Great Fire Dragon, Wang Lung.


This year, the first day of Fire Fest coincides with United Nations Day – a time to look at the world as a Dragon does: without borders or divisions, with an eye and embrace to all species and creeds.

Many Dragons by Jackie Morris

Many Dragons by Jackie Morris