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Today is Moment of Frustration Day, a day with which many of us who walk with Dragons are familiar. After all, how many moments of frustration do we have trying to open benighted eyes to the wonders of Dragons?

So, on this lovely Saturday afternoon, I wish to introduce you to a young friend of mine, Joshua Snow. Budding scribe and dracophile, Josh knows exactly what it means to have eyes opened to the wonder of Dragons. As the scales fall, so does the frustration. May all our friends be so fortunate.


Through My Eyes
by Joshua Snow

I have been writing since I was fifteen. book-sculpture3

The first time I wanted to write a serious story was when I was angered by the plot and ending to a book I ‘d been excited to get my hands on. The title grabbed me, as well the story’s mystery,  and the little bit of information I could read on the  cover blurb. I was actually so excited that I tried to predict what would happen from beginning to end. Sadly, I found the story highly disappointing. Not only were my predictions wrong but also the way the story turned was horrible. My level of disgust was so absolute that I decided to rewrite the story the way I imagined it. I used the same title and characters in the original story, but told it my way.  Of course, I would not be able to publish it due to copyrighting  stuff I didn’t know about before.

When I found out about the legal stuff, I decided to write it again and change a lot. The characters and setting were completely different, but the plot remained sort of the same. I worked on this story for years, rewriting it and dreaming of it selling loads of copies. I had the ambition of making it big as a writer. However, when I finished the story years later, I hated it. I thought it was garbage. Immediately I threw it away and stopped writing long stories after that. I just concentrated on poetry and short stories that were only a few pages long.

Between then and now, I learned a lot about writing and myself, but there are things I still struggle with. One of those things is writing for myself and only myself. When I wrote before, I did it because I wanted to obtain the image of being admired and inspiring others. I had no vision of doing this because I just wanted to please myself by writing a story the way I liked it. I actually thought such a view was selfish because it is only including me and no one else. I thought, “An author has to care for his audience. He cannot just think of himself.” Well, it is not that black and white. That is also another thing I am working on, seeing the greys.


Which brings me to dragons.

It all started early on Halloween morning, 2011. It was cold, my favorite kind of weather, and the sun was beginning to rise. I was on my laptop looking at stuff related to dragons, one of my favorite things in the world. Somehow, and I do not remember exactly how, I came across an article made by no other than Shawn MacKenzie. To my surprise, it was talking about Dragons, but in a way I did not expect. The article on her blog site spoke of Dragons visiting our world from theirs, and some coming to stay, and how on Halloween that void between the two worlds came to a close and was the last day it remained open. Reading it filled me with joy and wonder. I told a friend of mine on Facebook about it because he too loved dragons, and we both believe they still exist in this world on a spiritual level. He loved it, and said he was going to go outside and look around, hoping to spot a dragon somewhere. The idea seemed silly to me, for what he said also implied a dragon physically being there, but I was taught to be open-minded even to things that sounded utterly insane.


I grabbed my jacket and went for a walk. It was so cold I could see my own breath. There was a field just outside my neighborhood I hadn’t been to in a while. Glass buildings and a dirty ditch that always gets trashed surround it, but the field itself was beautiful. Though it had rained in the middle of the night and the grass was still damp,  I found nice spot to sit down. The sun was still just rising, and the light shined between two glass buildings.. For some reason, I felt the need to look behind me. When I did, I saw, for less than a split second, a tall white dragon standing in front of a dead tree looking at me. It disappeared just as fast as it reappeared. I was startled yet amazed. Still I remember that to this day, and I even remember seeing its scales shining from the sunlight.


I ran back home and got on my laptop, looking at the comments on this article by Shawn MacKenzie, and I decided to comment about this spiritual experience. Soon enough Shawn commented back. She told me the Cosmic Dragon was smiling upon me. Such a comment brightened me, and what I found funny and more than a mere coincidence is that I always wanted some kind of a special bond with dragons. This was a magical and important day. It was the day I started writing my first fantasy.26663_499401460072294_1400576431_n

Later on, I found out that Shawn MacKenzie had a Facebook page, and I befriended her and began to talk to her. We have been friends for almost two years and we talk every weekend. Shawn is a friend I will remember for the rest of my life and forever treasure. She is a valuable dragon friend who has guided me like the dragons have.

Dragon Dreams - c3rmen

Dragon Dreams – c3rmen