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dragon-mother-dragon-babyIt is October again and, as the leaves turn, the Dragons roar.

This year, we at the World Association For Dragons Everywhere – WAFDE – are going to try something a little different. In an effort to expand our horizons and bring more like-Dragon-minded folks, we are home-basing Month of the Dragon 2013 on the new WAFDE Facebook page, with links and shares right back here to our old home. Don’t want anyone to miss out!

wafde new flag

So……. Welcome to our third annual Month of the Dragon celebration! Here you will find – and I hope share – a plethora of draconic information on everything from dragon science, spirituality, lore, facts, and fictions. There will be docs, posts, random and organized fun. And pictures. Lots of pictures.

Those of you who wish, will also receive, upon request, a digital Certificate of WAFDE Membership suitable for framing. You can also join in on the Adopt-A-Dragon program. More about all that as the month goes on.

For now….Spread the word to all your Dragon-loving friends and raise a glass (or bowl of tea) to Dragons everywhere. This is their time to shine!dragon writer