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Imen Benyoub on Nathalie Handal and the international power of words. Something we can all take to heart in these precarious times. Brava!

Niamh Clune

Algerian, Imen Benyoub is a poet I have long admired. She writes with such feeling and movement. There is something veiled about her poems that entices you to want to dive into an underlying mystery. Thank you, Imen for visiting the us on the plum tree and sharing your passion for poetry with us.

A heart without borders…
My story with Nathalie Handal

By Imen Benyoub

When I write, I surrenderNAT_BIO_IMAGE

Surrender my senses to a delicious chaos – my soul to reach a deeper abyss and my heart to travel outside its borders.

It is the freedom that comes with writing  that made me live through my pen and left me endlessly caught between worlds and words.

It is the freedom that sent Nathalie Handal on a journey from New York to  Andalucia – full of colours, textures, and fragrant with history, to recreate the journey of her favourite…

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