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Well, mom-to-be Lorca is filling out by leaps and bounds.


Over morning coffee I watched Lorca’s kittens play internal bongos on her tummy. No idea how many there are, but I can attest to their wicked sense of rhythm

Do join in on the Kitten Pool fun. Just guess their birthdate (between now and October 1) and number in Lorca’s litter, and leave it in a comment here or on the Lorca Kitten Pool Page – where you will also find the pool calendar. Don’t worry, I’ll find you. 🙂Kitty Pool Sept Calendar

The person who comes closest wins their choice of a signed copy of one of my books, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook or Dragons for Beginners, or a limited edition chapbook of my short story, “Because the Pleasure-Dragon Whistles.”

Kittens and Dragons, what could be better.