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Lorca Kitten Pool.

What Bastet gives, she takes away. And then she gives again.
And her presence has been felt in spades on Depot Street.

P1000673As many of you know, our dear Gatsby died on July 29th. She was a marvel of a cat who blessed our lives for too short a time, but who left as her legacy three extraordinary children who never cease to amaze.

Seven days after Gatsby’s death, while working upstairs, I glanced out my study window and saw a tortoiseshell kitten scampering across Depot Street into the barn over the way. I thought I was seeing a ghost. Seriously. Then a day passed and I saw her again. A sign, right? So I put food out on the porch – Bast knows, the strays around here are hungry, as well as the raccoons and skunks who pass through. Long story short, with a little patience and some cat whispering, six days later she became an official member of the family and 2 days later – as Old Possum opined, the naming of cats is never easy – she let us know she wanted to be called Lorca Suzuki Darwin, aka LSD.


Today Lorca had her first visit with the vet. Aside from trying to escape her carrier en route, she was an excellent patient, very healthy and – as expected – very expecting. Oy vey!

So, in keeping with a tradition started with Gatsby the Great, we are having another Kitten Pool for Lorca’s kittens.

If you want to take part in the pool, just pick a birth date between now and October 1, pick also the number of kittens you think Lorca will have in her litter. Both date & kitten count are needed. Post them in a comment here at the Dragonsnest or on the Lorca Kitten Pool page. I will put all entries on the calendar, with daily updates, so you will know if you are treading on someone else’s date/litter #. I will also be posting photo updates of mom-to-be to give you an idea of her progressing heft. In the event of kittens arriving before and after the midnight hour, the date of the last born will be their collective birthday.

The person who comes closest will receive a signed copy of your choice among The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook; Dragons for Beginners; or a limited chapbook edition of my story, Because the Pleasure-Dragon Whistles.

The Dragon Keeper's Handbook...Dragons for Beginners


Kittens and Dragons – Nothing Better!

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