For those looking for smart, fun books for children…..

Dr Niamh On The Plum Tree

¨ Everything in the garden serves a purpose

¨ Basic science in rhyme with beautiful illustrations for ages 3—6

¨ Easy learning and teaching

¨ Onomatopoeia for fun!

Everything In The Garden Serves A Purpose

I asked 4 yr old Ralph if he thought a story about a worm could be fun. He grinned. Ralph was one of a group of children at the Lechlade Festival participating in the launch of the first two little books in the Pa Dug & Rosie series. The antics Rosie employs when she discovers the underground worm tunnels made the gathered children giggle. Some stood and jumped up and down. “Are you waking the worms too?” I asked. After all, there is something fascinating about the thought of a network of underground tunnels made by smiley, clever pink worms who help bring food to the table.  Rosie doesn’t believe Pa Dug when he tells her this. She shouts,”Worm’s…

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