Fine words and a favor of two exquisite poets. I, for one, look forward to reading more of their work.

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Delighted to welcome Ampat Koshy onto the Plum Tree. He will be bringing Indian poets and their poetry to our attention. Thank you, Ampat for your great article!

With Koshy in the Sandbox

To talk of poetry in 2013, divorced from knowledge of movements in literary criticism and theory that were important in the 20th century like Russian formalism, structuralism, reader response and reception theory or modernist approaches like close reading, seems silly to me. (They were all analytically poetry centred.) This is because poetry seems to have peaked as a dominant discourse around then, still having the power to sway the mind of millions unified, unified by print, tape, record, TV and radio; not to mention movies.

Poetry has waned in importance since the second ‘world’ war in the West, though there continues to be significant poets, poems, and even a few famous schools or movements. The arrival of…

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