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This week, I am featuring Aaron Cornett’s lovely poem from the All The Lonely People anthology. I found this so touching. And I love Polly Wood’s beautiful art-work. Many thanks Aaron for your wonderful submission.

 Sorrrow’s calling  By Aaron Cornett

She knew the light.
Her steps knew conviction.
She bore the strange gift
Of solitude, as if knowing
That she was not meant
To last.

I knew her once,
I knew everything about her.
Her vibrant youth and
Her innocent charm,
But not
Her sickness and frailty.

There at the bus stop,
Surrounding by the chilling rain,
I met her gaze as we shared
A painted sidewalk.
Her eyes are deep and
Never ending, her smile
As shadows crept across
Our gentle surroundings.
We shared the conversation
Of strangers and a friendship
Was born.

We enjoyed the times and
Moment life gave us, dancing
Among the poetic ashes

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