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Drum roll…Dah Dah da Dahhhhhhh! Introducing the one and only Tony Mutton! 

Tony is a wonderful, quirky poet and friend to Plum Tree Books. I hope you enjoy hearing about his perspective on poetry and poets. Thank you, Tony for being our guest this week. You can find Tony and his poetry hanging out on his blog HERE.*****

It’s not just words that make great poetry…

By Tony Mutton

As a late comer to poetry and having written for only four years, I have questioned what it is that has enabled me to stay engaged and progress in the world of poetry.   I read a quote recently – “it’s not just words that make great poetry – its people.   I know some great people in Queensland”.  Oh wait – that was my quote.

Since joining the spoken and performance community in Brisbane 3 years ago, what has impressed me has been the generosity…

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