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Dr Niamh's Children's Books

For many years, I was a singer. I sang with famous people, performed in my own right, toured with bands and recorded.

In the studio, a producer is the one who holds the overall vision for the track/album, tweaks performance, helps interpretation, brings out the best in you, adds the magic sparkle.

Finding a great editor is a bit like that. S/he must be literate and broadly educated enough to understand voice, background, rhythm, nuance and composition, apart from knowing grammar. S/he must also know the ways in which we colloquialise language or allow sluggish habits to creep into ordinary, daily speech. In a narrative voice, these should not appear on our pages (unless specific for certain dialogue).

orange_rose1.pThe relationship with an editor is delicate, intimate, trusting. Your creation is, after all, intensely personal until such time as it is fledged. I am careful whom I trust with my works of…

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