Another chapter in David’s series: Dragons: The Mystery and Meaning.
Just goes to show that one month for Dragons is never long enough.
Thanks you David. Great work!

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Part IV

All over Europe and the Middle East, the slaying of dragons became the earmark of a Christian Society. Most dragon slaying stories are probably just left-overs of a metaphorical tale of the obliteration of the Old Pagan Gods by the New Christian God. It has always been a puzzle to me how the Romans, who were adept at taking other people’s cultures. religions, gods, magicks, etc. and installing them into their own pantheon, were overwhelmed by one strange little Jewish man named Joshua. That is really all the name Jesus is, a Roman misinterpretation of Joshua or Jeshua. A common name for people in Palestine in those days. Roman misinterpretations; like calling King Nebuchadnezzar “The Light Bearer” or Lucifer, which eventually became the name of Satan, seemed to be at the basis of a lot of what was to become Christian Mythology.

Of course. If an occidental culture…

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