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The weather gods have been up to a great deal of mischief of late: earthquakes off British Columbia, tsunami warnings in the Hawaiian Islands, blood rain over Denmark, and Hurricane Sandy storming through the Caribbean and up the East Coast of North America.

Last night was not fit for man or beast, save perhaps the most intrepid of Dragons, willing to brave gale winds and driving rains. I hope all of you are safe and sound and none the worse for wear. Today – well, the trees are bare, waters are beginning to recede and winds die down. Now comes a time to clean up the mess.

Tonight is Mischief Night – or Devil’s Night or Cabbage Night as local traditions dictate. In centuries past it was a time for late night raids and scarecrows ablaze with Dragonfire. When humans got in on the fun there were eggs dripping off windows, frost-spoiled cabbages smashed hither and yon, and toilet paper in the trees. I remember when I was a kid, our mailbox was a habitual target for exploding paint cans; at least I knew the mailbox makers were kept in business. In all, it is a night of messy but harmless hijinks. What Dragon wouldn’t want to join in?

Sadly, this year the state of things in my neck of the woods demands a more sober response. The weather gods have already dealt us one hell of a mess. Inclined though Dragons – especially the juveniles – are to kick up their heels and engage in their share of spooky dragon-play, if you have any influence with the neighboring enchantments, urge them to set aside smashing pumpkins and impromptu bonfires for tonight, and chip in where they can. And if there are grumbles that Chipping In Day was last week, remind them that the Great Dragon – and the Great Pumpkin – are watching one and all, even Dragons.

And be sure to say thanks with mulled cider and pumpkin-chili pie for afters.


Remember: everyone who leaves a Comment here at Dragon’s Nest this October gets their name put in the hat for a signed copy of either Dragons for Beginners or The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook. Just two days to go!

Winners to be announced November 1, 2012.