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It’s Hermit Day. But all you draconic souls out there probably knew that.

It is a time to reflect, to step off of the hamster wheel of modern existence and look within. Of course, all this quiet introspection goes all to hell tomorrow on Mischief Night; but for twenty-four hours – or a fraction of those twenty-four hours – we can ponder, even experience and celebrate the reclusive life. One never knows what insights, draconic or otherwise, we might discover.

Here at Dragon’s Nest, I am delighted to celebrate Hermit Day with the reflections of Adriana Dragonwitch, friend and fellow dracophile. Enjoy.

Dragon Claw

Claws drawing claws – Michael Cook

There was a time before time began when Dragons roamed the earth unhindered. Their wings spanned across those ancient skies from sunrise to moonset. The air was fresh and sweet, and the seas were filled with life and possibilities. And in the midst of all, the Dragons lived by tooth and claw and wing, unchallenged. They roamed the world unfettered by any concerns.

Children of the Sun, they were. Deep in their eyes was the glint of all the things we can only begin to imagine. All the things that humans ponder, they already knew. They were masters of the five elements. They walked upon the earth, swan through the sea, took flight and sailed upon the wind, and the fire burst from their mighty throats!

But the fifth element was the most precious of all. For the element of spirit brought the gift of magic. It brought with it wisdom, and knowledge; knowledge of all hidden things.

The Dragons guarded the secrets from beyond the veil, secrets they knew from the moment they hatched. In the dark places of the earth they hatched, where the gems were hidden and the fires of the earth ran in veins of fire and blood through mountains and valleys down to the sea.

There are those who believe Dragons lived and thrived among the dinosaurs. Then again there are those who believe they were dinosaurs, and that, when their time ended those millions of years ago, their great bodies merged with the earth and their bones became stones. Even though Dragon stories and legends span the globe, there are those who believe they never really were.

Adriana Dragonwitch is a lover of Dragons, and a student and seeker on the Dragon path. She started the Dragon’s Chest to create a place on Facebook for the exploration of Dragon-inspired thoughts and objects.