Heading towards Samhain and diving into the darker side of Dragon-human relationships. Thank you, David, for sharing Part III of Dragons, the Mystery and Meaning.

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Part III

In Jewish heritage the Devil had taken the form of the Serpent. At some point it had legs. Which God decided to take away as punishment for tempting Eve. Yet deeper in the occult traditions of dragons and serpents was the idea that because a serpent shed its skin, it lived pretty much forever. It simply got bigger and older and much, much smarter. Satan, being the first Dragon of course then had to be the smartest! The Bible says the serpent was the wisest of all the animals in Eden. Later Jesus says “Ye must be wise as serpents…” The tradition of serpent’s wisdom was very old. Serpent’s skin, blood, bone and tooth was considered both spiritual and medicinal. In Moses’ time, when his people were plagued by serpents in the desert, they only had to look at the bronze serpents wrapped around a long staff…

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