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Here at Month of the Dragon central, it’s the start of Tell a Dragon Tale Week, a time to celebrate Dragons in books and stories and all forms literary. Dragons love books. It’s something old as their hills, boiling deep in their viscid, garnet blood.

Dragons Love Books by Stephen Parlato

As the week goes on we’ll be featuring various books by and about Dragons, and stories in toto, too.

But to start, I thought we’d stray from more standard fiction fare, and start with a nod to the poetic, romantic side of Dragons. This anonymous verse was found scored deep into the ancient nesting caves of Wyre Weyr, in the Orkney Islands, proving there is passion – and literature – even in the remotest of Dragon retreats.

Call out the winds
with yawp and roar
gnash with tooth
lash with tail entwined
round armoured amour
Close in my wings
we dance on solar winds
shake moondust from our scales  
shred the stellar net.

Seize my paw my light
my fire
hold fast
Egg and seed
release my thunder
into the night
Seize the Universe!
exploding with incandescent joy
Immortality is now!

I rise
to meet your wind
to hold you
with my grateful

Cosmic Dragon by Dido6

Here’s wishing one and all a glorious day, resounding with a draconic “YES!”

Note: Here at WAFDE, we’re always eager to expand our library. So…. Anyone who has a book they would like mentioned this week, please contact me at boon17@comcast.net. Provide all publishing info plus a brief synopsis if possible.

Also, all those of you who comment during this Tell a Dragon Tale Week will not only have your names for Dragons for Beginners and The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, but also a signed limited edition printing of my story, “Because the Pleasure-Dragon Whistles,” the lucky winner will be announced on October 28th.