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Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Take Your Dragon to Work Day!

I must say, I almost feel like I am cheating since I work from home. We could take a long break for elevenses and a leisurely walk in the rain after lunch. I didn’t have to worry about getting clearance with the boss or disrupting coworkers. Still, it was a delightful day, made all the more so as I spent the hours reading over my copy of Dragons for Beginners for errata. A true instance of taking Dragons to work. (BTW: Don’t forget to leave a comment here any day in MotD and have your name in the hat for the Dragons for Beginners and Dragon Keeper’s Handbook giveways.)

Vine Dragon – by KrazyKelli

How was everyone’s day?

Dragon at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
Extra wide hallways are always helpful.

I hope no walls were knocked down or copiers set afire. After all, TYDTWD is not only about sharing your life with your Dragon, but also about draconic PR. Getting out there into the world, putting our best paws forward among the fearful and ill-informed. Truth is, whether people want to admit it or not, it’s very hard to hate in the abstract  someone you know up close and personal.