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Half way through Month of the Dragon and it is time for severely interactive Dragon fun.

First things first. It is Paint a Dragon Week – All Week Long! Amateur or pro, in pencil, chalk, or acrylic, try your hand at glorifying our friends on paper (or computer, if you are a photoshopping wiz). Put them on the refrigerator or facebook; I will be delighted to post any that come my way here at the Dragon’s Nest.  Remember, it’s all about the celebration, so have fun!

These wonderful drawings were done by school children in my town and part of the local Arts Guild’s Year of the Dragon exhibition earlier this year. Great work, great imaginations!

Today and tomorrow, depending on where you are in the world is the Dark of the Moon. This month it happens to coincide with Dragon Awakening Within, a spiritual time for Dragon people around the world which coincides with the New Moon in Libra. I will be posting more on that from individuals more in the know than I, so keep your hearts open and eyes peeled.

Other events upcoming are Gaudy Bauble Day on Wednesday, the best time of year – aside from Yule and birthdays – to treat your Dragon to a nice sparkly trinket. GBD emerged as an adjunct of St Audrey’s Bauble Fairs where tacky was the order of the day, so don’t worry about big expense. Keep it cheap and flashy and your Dragon will surely love it. (Oh, where are the 5 & Dimes when we need them!)

Thursday is Dancing Dragon Day (what Dragon doesn’t love to dance!)and Friday is Take a Dragon to Work Day (check with your employer, first!), but much more on those later.

So much to share, knowledge and good times.

Now, I’m off to draw a Dragon….

Note: Where I know the creator/source of an image, I will always cite it. If I use your picture without proper approbation, please drop me a line and I will correct the oversight asap.