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Happy World Egg Day!

It’s a time to think back to the age of Chaos when Pan Gu, the Creator – and some say a Dragon – emerged from the great Cosmic Egg and gave order to the Universe. (see The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook for a more detailed examination of his cosmological tale.)

When better to hear from our friend and Dragon Egg expert, the Dragon Master.

Dragon egg – from the collection of The Dragon Master

The Dragon Master – so named by her clients – is a publisher of fantasy art, and established The Dragon Society { Est. 1984 }, as a result of her own research. Now a clearing house of all things Dragon, it began as the redevelopment of an ancient society with an international membership of 80 connected via a small newsletter. She expanded it to its first inter-active site, Tagged, in 2009, then to Facebook in 2011, with a profile page and two Society Pages,. Most recently she has taken the Society to Pinterest. She remains steadfast in her leadership and research, and for the quest of the most powerful image that represents itself in virtually every culture around the globe! Occasionally – as now – the Dragon Master delights us with the publication of notes from her Journals.

Candling – from the Dragon Master’s collection.

Who of you have had experiences with Dragon clutches and hatchlings? How and where did you come across your egg?

Tell us your tales. Celebrate the Egg.

A nascent Crystal Dragon – very rare. Courtesy of the Dragon Master.