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Good morning Dracophiles! The Month of the Dragon opened strong and promises to get even better.

This week is Fire Prevention Week, and, ironic though it may seem, Dragons have a major role to play in fire prevention and control around the world. Also, in conjunction with Indigenous Peoples Day (aka in some quarters as Columbus Day), we will be celebrating Dragons native to the New World.

While I’m a fearless advocate of our scaly friends, today I will be venturing into less natural territory and touting my own Dragon work: The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook and its upcoming companion piece, Dragons for Beginners (due out 11/12, but I have it on good authority, it will be available this week!).

“This note-perfect “nonfiction” book on fantasy creatures will be eerily familiar to anyone who’s read the genre it emulates, down to catchy, chapter titles with explanatory subtitles; humorous, opinionated footnotes (“Flat-earthers do not make the world any less round”); and the
occasional flight of impassioned rhetoric. The natural history of dragons is logically constructed and will enchant readers who like their magic to have rules….The mythic analysis section is deft and fascinating…. The final detailed advice on dragon keeping is uniformly charming.”  (Publishers Weekly. 9/2011)

“Make no mistake, Dragons are real flesh-and-blood creatures. The facinating truth about these majestic creatures—how they evolved, what they really look like, their extraordinary impact on humankind, how to safely interact with them today, and why they’re dying out—is documented in this unique, essential guide.

From horned brow to spiky tail, you’ll learn scientific facts on three major Dragon species, including size, diet, temperament, and habitat. Trace their influence on religion, art, literature, and occult studies. There’s guidance on safe Dragon watching, caring for an abandoned egg, raising an orphan to maturity, and working magic with Dragons. You’ll also discover how to save these intelligent beasts from extinction.”

As already mentioned – but it bears repeating – leave a comment here during the Month of the Dragon and your name will be in the drawing for a signed copy of Dragons for Beginners. In the spirit of spreading draconic goodwill, I will also be givng away a signed copy of The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, same Dragon rules, same Dragon time.

So, I hope you will spread the word, and chime in over the next 3 weeks, with your draconic observations (of my work or others), prose, poetry, pictures….And if you have a Dragon book of your own, let me know. I will be posting as comprehensive a list as possible during Tell a Dragon Tale Week (10/21-27).

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See you back here tomorrow with a look at Fire Dragons at home and abroad!