Good morning and Happy Jabberwocky Appreciation Day! There has been so much Jabberwock interest this year that we will be extending the festivities through the long weekend. And to kick it off I’m delighted to share the second part of David St. Albans’ draconic ruminations. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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For Jabberwocky Day, Month of the Dragon, Oct. 5th 2012

Even today in the deep jungles there are serpents of enormous girth and weight, Anacondas, Pythons, Boa Constrictors,

who have the capacity to kill a man with coils and fangs and even swallow a man whole. There are the Dragons of Komodo Island, which will hunt down and devour men and women who are unwary.

They are as large as a full-grown puma and as quick. Their bites are wicked and absolutely poisonous with infectious bacteria. Within our dwindling wilderness however, these are some of the largest reptiles known to us. Because they are known to us, we do not call them dragons, except in the case of the giant Monitor Lizards of Komodo Island. (Still we moderns do tend to pass them off as “overgrown lizards.”) The Salt Water crocodile can easily grow to over thirty feet long. They…

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