Delighted to welcome David St. Albans to our MotD festivities. He has been generous enough to share his draconic musings. Enjoy Part 1. So looking forward to what follows. Thank you, David!

St. Albans Literary and Art site

Part I

I have lived, breathed and experienced dragons since I was a child. I have studied them and I have dismissed them, rejected them, reclaimed them, embraced them, nurtured them, appraised them, carved them in wax, molded them in clay, drawn them in pen and ink, pencil and painted them. I have studied every aspect of their natures and mythology from the pages of the Bible to the Apocrypha, to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen king and Shawn McKenzie. I have composed poems about them and written stories of them. Do I know dragons?! No. I express only what they have come to mean to me. They represent, the awesome mystery of the known and unknown Universe, they embody its most primal energies and passions. They are the rage and glory of stars exploding and being born. They writhe and twist in undulations of dark matter that span…

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